Sitemap - 2023 - Meeting Notes by Cultivated Management

Meetings, Magic Pens and 2024 plans

Actions speak louder than words

Is the hierarchy really a problem?

Nothing worth knowing can be taught

The Pillars of Life - Managing the tension

Effective video calls - and reclaiming life

Sent does not mean received

The team to get it done

Power is in distribution

Competition and Silence

The future belongs to those who can communicate about it

Dreamers and Managers

5 Lessons learned from the hospitality industry

Designing the future of the business by Back Casting

Noticing, Berlin and a window into your life

The myth of genius and where ideas come from

Management is boring

Saying yes will make me less boring

Squandering Human Potential

Kurt Vonnegut on becoming who you are through daily art

The sunset review

Fear is like lighter fuel

Insulate yourself from the madness (at work)

Interconnected - and there's more than what you see

What, at this moment, am I meant to know?

Take a day off

All problems are interpersonal problems

Taking problems into the ring

What's your job on planet earth?

Job hunting: WOW, WTF or MEH

Clarity, Alignment and Action

"I’m much more comfortable criticizing people behind their backs"

Was it worth doing?

A mistake is an opportunity to make the business better

Change is emergent

Stocks and Flows

The plan is not the business

Building a strategy and two-headed monsters

The plan may be wrong

Vending Machines and listening with your heart and brain

A major lesson from an army Major

Creating a Painted Picture

Customer Experience is a direct reflection of Employee Experience

Lateral Thinking for creative problem solving

How useful are Org Charts?

Why I don't talk about "agile"

The 8 Types of Intelligence

Trade Skills - The missing skill?

Is your ladder leaning against the right wall?

Agility is released

Business story telling (lessons from journalism)

2023 - Goal Setting Field Guide