Feb 26 • 6M

The plan may be wrong

Here's an idea worth playing with

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Hi and welcome to another episode of Heres an idea worth playing with.

It's not uncommon to hear people claiming business success by fiddling with roadmaps, resource plans and delivery models. Shave some time here, a little money here, some people from a plan there. Success.

But until something has been built and delivered you've not won. I can apply any number of models to a plan and come up with a hypothetical outcome. But it's not the plan that adds value, it's the delivery.

And when you bring humans together to deliver against the plan - good luck. This is when it gets complex. People are complex. They don’t always do what they should, nor work well with others, and they have days when their mood alters. They are complex.

Here's an example. If I plan to go on this new South Yorkshire diet and work out 5 days a week and run a marathon at the weekend I'll lose weight. I’ll feel good. Result. A win. But it’s just a plan. I’ve got to bring this plan to life to receive the benefits - and that hard, and complex.

Hold tight on claiming business results until you've seen the business result itself. A plan is helpful but the plan is not the work. And in the work is where agility is released and business value emerges. Not from a plan.

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