Apr 8 • 5M

What's your job on planet earth?

An idea worth playing with from Buckminster Fuller

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Rob Lambert
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I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter weekend. As tomorrow is Easter Sunday, this audio show is out a day earlier.

Buckminster Fuller is a fascinating fellow, and that’s who we’re going to talk about today.

In a moment of deep darkness he asked himself what his job on Planet Earth was. What could he do that wouldn’t get done unless he did something about it? What did he have skills to address?

I’m deeply inspired by Buckminster Fuller and this idea of looking around and seeing what problems we could help with.

In today’s show I explore this, briefly, and talk about how this also relates to one of the 10 behaviours of effective employees too.

When we draw a frame around ourselves at work through our role and title etc, we often constrain ourselves. But there are problems between job roles that we could reach out and address. Draw a frame but don’t refrain - and it’s similar to what Bucky did.

If you’re in a moment of deep crisis please seek help. The Samaritans helped me when I was in this dark place (UK).

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