Meeting Notes by Cultivated Management
Here's an idea worth playing with
A major lesson from an army Major

A major lesson from an army Major

Here's an idea worth playing with


Welcome to this week’s “Here’s an idea worth playing with” (HAIWPW).

I recorded this episode in my car whilst waiting for my kid’s football match to start. I normally just doom scroll so this was a much better use of my time.

Today I talk about how your team will become a reflection of you and pull a couple of great quotes from the extremely quotable speech by Major C. A. Bach from 1917.

As Major Bach said in his Farewell Instructions to his graduate officers, after a distinguished service in the US armed forces:

"Remember what I tell you. Your company will be the reflection of yourself. If you have a rotten company it will be because you are a rotten captain".

Of course, Major Bach was talking about his army company - but the same thing holds true for the business world too.

He also said:

"Live the kind of life you would have them lead, and you will be surprised to see the number that will imitate you."

Listen for more.

Until next time.


For the full speech I suggest this link (I was going to include it but it’s long!)

Meeting Notes by Cultivated Management
Here's an idea worth playing with
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