May 21 • 7M

Saying yes will make me less boring

And why my week has been expensive - here's an idea worth playing with

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Rob Lambert
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Hope you are safe and well and enjoying your weekend.

A fun little audio show today for "HAIWPW” in which I riff of the idea that I am boring because I say “no” to things and what my week would be like if I just said “yes” to everything.

It’s why I’ve:

  1. Joined the volunteer fire service

  2. Got hours of meetings next week

  3. Now have 20 SEO experts on hand

  4. Agreed to speak at loads of conferences

  5. Got access to a golf club executive suite

  6. Got a container full of toys arriving next year

When we say yes to something we must understand what we are saying No to.

As Derek Sivers says:

It’s either a Hell Yeah, or it’s a no

Until next time..