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My name is Rob Lambert and I passionately believe in cultivating great places to work that nurture talented and effective employees.

I also believe that developing the superpower of effective communication is one of the greatest things we can do to build workplaces that enrich the lives of all who work in them. It’s why I created the award winning Communication Super Power Workshop.

In this newsletter, I share ideas and advice about speaking effectively, writing clearly, thinking critically and expressing your creativity through effective communication.

Effective communication requires diversity, critical thinking, truth, authenticity, clarity and purpose.

Short About Rob

I have been a VP of software engineering, a VP of HR (CIPD qualified) and VP of agile looking after large teams and big budgets. I am a Media Scientist by training, education and qualification.

I now consult with companies to help them Release Business Agility through effective communication, creativity and critical thinking – combined with high value HR initiatives.

You can find my writing, products, consulting offers and more on cultivatedmanagement.com

A little more about Rob

Rob Lambert is the owner of Cultivated Management Ltd.

  • Built a “frighteningly agile” team named “UK top start-ups to watch in 2017”.

  • Built a team voted “Best companies to work for 3 years running”.

  • Took the team (DevOps) from Investment to successful sale

  • Vice President of HR

  • Vice President of Engineering

  • Head of Agile

  • HR Team was described as the ”least evil HR team ever” (A compliment I think)

  • CIPD Qualified HR practitioner

  • Blogger, podcaster, keynote presenter, writer

  • Former newspaper Editor and journalist

  • Leadership Coach and Business Trainer

  • Author of several books on leadership, career management, management, agile and squirrels


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Cultivating better workplaces through effective communication.


Cultivating great workplaces, helping people develop their super power of effective communication and trying to keep my creative soul in a corporate role.