Apr 16 • 6M

All problems are interpersonal problems

Now here's an idea worth playing with

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Rob Lambert
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I hope you are all doing well.

In today’s Here’s an idea worth playing with (HAIWPW) I discuss Alfred Adler’s idea that all problems are interpersonal problems. Put another way, our problems are caused by relationships with other people.

If you’re familiar with my work (and Keynotes) you may remember a talk / video and idea regarding 10 Ways to Thrive in Your Career. One of those ways is all about relationships.

Work is about relationships. Relationships are how work works. As such, when we think about relationships (and associated problems) as interpersonal, as per Adler, we can start to understand why building good relationships is key.

In this mini audio show I introduce the idea that Adler used of being the only person on the planet - it makes us realise a lot of our turmoil is indeed caused by our relationships with other people.

Relationships are formed one person at a time, through effective communication. Another reason why I created the Super Power Communication Workshop - because good communication skills help us thrive at work → because they help us build strong relationships → which help when all problems are interpersonal :)

Have a cracking weekend.

Note: There are some occassional clicks on the audio for some reason. I tried to remove many in post production. I guess I need to bust out my proper audio recorder rather than rely on my iPhone when I’m out and about. Charging the batteries for next week.

Take care.